About the Author

Sara Alice taught second, fourth, and fifth grades in both public and private schools during her thirty-year teaching career. She often encountered children who had gaps in their knowledge. She has written this book for two purposes—first, to entertain children and provide opportunities for them to visualize as they listen, and second, to suggest ideas for parents/guardians to use that may help prevent certain learning deficits in their children. Sara Alice took time off during her career to stay home with her two young children and to home school her daughter and son through the fifth and fourth grades. She has been involved in education for most of her life. She lives with her husband on their farm.

About the Illustrator

Ben Wade did the illustrations, graphics, and diagrams for Stories About Me. He is a software developer, and he recently built a textbook buyback price comparison service. He enjoys the outdoors when he’s not writing code or making graphics for kids books.

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