Ben Warren (Illustrator) Update – What He’s Doing Now

Ben Warren, the illustrator and producer of Stories About Me, has been hard at work recently on other projects. He hasn’t been writing any books, but he has still been writing. Recently, he has been working on a service that provides coupons for MakeMyTrip, ClearTrip, and a host of other travel and retail companies in India. This is a unique country because it has so many people, and there are lots of business opportunities there for entrepreneurs.

Other Projects

He is also working on a textbook site that allows students to sell books to other students on their respective campuses. It’s an ambitious project, but the technology is working incredibly well. It also helps students sell their textbooks online for the best price.


He is very much interested in technology and the latest programming languages. While he primarily uses Ruby on Rails, he is interested in learning about the latest developments and advancements in web technologies. Elixir and the Phoenix framework have been making headway – they are functional languages as opposed to object oriented. Therefore, they present a steep learning transition, but they have been reported to be incredibly fast. Some companies have switched to Elixir and Phoenix and immediately dropped several servers because the new technology is so much faster.


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